Audience Reactions to the NYC Dixon Place work-in-progress Production of "Just Me"

JUST ME is masterful storytelling in the combined oral traditions of American Folktales and African history-keeping Griots. Perri Gaffney shares true stories from the intricate tapestry of her life experiences. After much love, encouragement and merciless browbeating from friends and family, Perri decided to take her multimedia stories on the road. It's non-stop comedy that enlightens as it entertains.

Winner – 2014 Black Theatre Arts Alliance (BTAA) Award for Best Actress, and 2014 African American Arts Alliance of Chicago (AAAAC) Award for Outstanding Actress. Nominations: 2014 Helen Hayes Award (Wash DC) for Outstanding Lead Actress, Visiting Production, 2014 BTAA for Best Play, 2014 BTAA for Best Playwright, 2012 AUDELCO (NYC) for Best Solo Performance.

JOSEPHINE is a biographical drama on the life of Josephine Baker that highlights the lesser-known aspects of this remarkable, inspiring, controversial, historical figure whose life was as bright and bleak as a spectrum. In 2013 it became a multimedia presentation that opens and closes with a montage mix of still and moving images of this incredible icon.

This is a video clip explaining how the novel came to be. It ends with a sample of accolades from fans of Alice’s struggle.

The Resurrection of Alice
(Audio Book Excerpts)

**Both paperback and audio books are available

This Audio book, read by the author, is perfect for people too busy to sit down and curl up with a book. Listen while you’re driving or otherwise in transit (plane, train, bus etc.). There are 9 CDs and includes the addendum “Author Extras,” with historical footnotes I may have added or removed had I known before the book was printed, also poems by my father.


This is a teaser of Ms. Gaffney's talents as a performer, writer, and producer. In the episodic comedy "Cops, Crooks..." Perri plays a cop, versus her gun-wielding moll in "DEEP TROUBLE." "Whore Cow" is Ms. Gaffney's filmmaker debut in which she wrote, stars, and produced. JOSEPHINE is a full-length, multi-media stage play about Josephine Baker that Perri also wrote. "The Resurrection of Alice" is an award-winning, monodrama Ms. Gaffney adapted from her acclaimed debut novel of the same title

This is a feature-length documentary about the historic march from New York City to Washington, D.C. It was part of a national campaign comprised of 9 caravans that represented every state in America including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. A brief clip of the Oct. 15, 2005 commencement of C2EA’s 9th caravan. Over a thousand people marched from Times Square through the Lincoln Tunnel that was closed for the march (a historic first in and of itself). This segment ends with a celebration in front of City Hall in Jersey City, NJ.

This is an independent film project that takes a brand new approach on crime and punishment. This is an excerpt from the first installation that may end up being a mini-series or feature-length film.

Whore Cow is an independent short film that explores how the shortcomings of two parents have spiraled down through their children ending tragically for one while liberating the other.

The introduction of a future project that combines education and entertainment with travel.

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“JOSEPHINE," "HARRIET," "SOJOURNER," "JUST ME," and “… ALICE” are ideal for Special Events including: Fundraisers, Grade School Assemblies (ages 10 and up); College Presentations; Church Presentations; Women’s Groups of all kinds including sororities, religious, cultural and social. I have a technical director for the sound/video requirements that are integral to some productions. I also conduct empowerment seminars that include excerpts from “…. Alice,” "JUST ME," and “Josephine” but have no technical requirements.

For more information or to book a presentation/seminar, please contact me via email or phone. Make sure to include: date(s), venue, audience size, and budget.

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